15 Ways to Volunteer That Don't Involve Tutoring

Maybe you think Literacy Volunteers is a terrific organization with a great history and a noble mission - and you would like to participate too - but you don't really want to be a tutor. Not to worry. There are dozens of ways Literacy Volunteers can use exactly the skills you already possess - and right now, too - and you don't have to tutor anyone. You don't have to make huge or even regular commitments of time, you get a chance to exercise your particular talents for a great purpose, and you can change or increase your involvement any time you like. Take a look:

Student Interviewers
Do you like to meet and learn about new people? Interviewing new students is a very interesting volunteer position. At a convenient South County Library, you will meet adults who request our services and ask them questions and fill out our Learners Intake form. This includes their personal information, their goals, and their availability for tutoring. For people who want to improve their English skills, you'll ask the questions on our Informal Placement Test to determine their ability to understand and reply in English. We serve ESL students from all over the world as well as Americans who want to improve their reading skills. They all have an interesting story to tell.

Are you a career writer or editor, now retired or working part-time? If you're willing to exercise those writing skills for a great cause, Literacy Volunteers needs to hear from you today. Help us write short (500-750 words) articles for local newspapers that feature our "success story" students, our dedicated literacy tutors and our growing array of new services, and/or help us create specialized brochures, flyers or announcements for new programs. We submit already crafted articles, along with photos, to local media in an ongoing effort to increase public awareness of LVSSC. We need excellent writers who can help us create riveting texts.

Got a digital camera? Know the difference between a jpeg and a square peg? Then you can help Literacy Volunteers create pictures that really are worth 1,000 words. Help us photograph special events, awards ceremonies, special anniversaries and fund-raising events, all functions where we take the photos and make them available to local media. You don't need to be trained as a tutor, and we will be happy to use as many or as few hours per year as you can give.

Literacy Volunteers needs its own publicity hounds! If you like working with local media, making sure they have ample and adequate advance notice of our activities and furnishing them with materials to fill their pages and their air time, we need your talents, skills and energy.

Business Liaison
Get in on the ground floor, and make a monster-size difference. Literacy Volunteers has just begun working with local businesses, identifying employees who might want to participate as students. Work with the Literacy Volunteers Board of Directors to help develop this program and then serve as a liaison to the business community in representing the program's goals and operation.  Help us identify more people who can benefit from the tutoring we can provide!

Administrative Support
Can you spare just 1 or 2 hours a week to help our administrative staff return phone calls, answer questions and meet prospective tutors? We have paid office staff for just 2 days a week - and we need more human coverage! If you can spend just 1 or 2 hours a week helping us in our small office at the Venice Public Library, you can make a world of administrative difference!

Grant Writers
Is there a not-for-profit organization that doesn't want great grant writers? If your background lends itself to development and you have experience in finding appropriate grants and writing grant applications, Literacy Volunteers needs your specialized expertise right now.

Fund-Raising Event Planners and Staffers
Literacy Volunteers also depends on fund-raising activities and events for money, especially its day-to-day operating expenses. If you have helped to run golf tournaments, charity balls, wine-tasting events, card parties or similar fund-raisers that attract community members and also generate revenue, don't keep yourself a secret from us. We need your expertise and elbow grease!

Computer Coaches
Literacy Volunteers in North Port uses creative and fun computer software as a "language lab" for students who want to pursue literacy training on a self-paced and individual basis. If you have good computer skills and want to share your expertise by enabling students' computerized self-study, this is exactly the program for you.