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Literacy tutor and student
Volunteers help in many ways besides tutoring……

Literacy Volunteers invite you to become a member and contribute your services.  Without volunteers and financial help, we cannot complete our important mission.
There are other ways of volunteering that are just as significant as tutoring, such as, interviewing students, interpreting the native language of foreign born residents, or assessing student literacy. Administrative, financial, computer, and fund raising expertise is always needed.  Why not help with the newsletter, data entry, tech support, record-keeping, or grant writing?
By becoming a member of LVSSC, you will help other South Sarasota County residents achieve life-enriching goals such as:
  • getting a job
  • getting a promotion or better job
  • communicating with their doctors and nurses
  • being able to speak to their child's teacher
  • writing a letter to a friend
  • becoming a citizen of the USA

Join our team of motivated volunteers.
Call 941-861-1352 if you live in Venice, Englewood, Laurel, Osprey, or Nokomis.
Call 941-861-1320 if you live in North Port

Start changing lives through literacy.