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Our reporting year ended June 30, but we are still accepting unreported hours for the last year!
Starting with July, the online reports will go directly to the Coordinators.

July 2016 - June 2017 hours not previously reported, click on this link:
       One-to-One Tutors and Non-Tutor Volunteers
July 2017 - June 2018 One-to-One Tutors and Non-Tutor Volunteers reports:
Click on the appropriate link below or use the link emailed to you.

North Port:   1-to-1 Report to Karen
Venice:        1-to-1 Report to Sharon
If you meet separately with more than one student, complete one form for each student.
To open a blank form after hitting Submit, click on Refresh or Reload at the top of your browser.
If you are enter only non-tutoring hours, you will need to enter 0 (zero) in the Tutoring, Preparation, and Travel blanks.
Class Instructors and Small Group Tutors (Past Year and Current Year)
Use this to report monthly totals for class/small group attendance.   Enter the students' ID#s, names, and each students' total hours in the same box, one student per line.
Please include an individual student's name when reporting Student Achievements.
Start Now! North Port (SN!NP) volunteers: Kim Pike will enter your SN!NP hours in the database. If you tutor students not in that program, please report non-SN!NP hours per the instructions above.
WANT A RECORD OF YOUR SUBMISSION?   There is a way to save the online report while it's on your screen using the Snipping Tool available in Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.   It works better than the Print Screen key on the keyboard because you can select the information you want to copy.   If you decide to use this method, it's important to remember to Submit each report after making the Snipped copy.
It may be easier to keep a log, either on your computer or in a notebook, to record the hours that you report for yourself and each student.   Some tutors keep their volunteer hours on a separate calendar for each student, write the total hours on the corner of the page at the end of the month, and make a big check to indicate the report was submitted.   A great reminder to report monthly is to get in the habit of not turning to the next month without totaling and submitting.   Class instructors could note on their monthly attendance sheet when they submit their report.

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